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          Continuing education

          When you’re ready to continue your education, look to SFU. Our programs will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

          Teacher education

          Become a B.C.-certified teacher through SFU's Faculty of Education.

          Professional Development Program

          A 12-month full-time teacher education program balancing practical experience and university coursework.

          Professional Linking Program

          A teacher certification program designed to accommodate in-service special education assistants, social workers, child and youth care workers, counsellors and other paraprofessionals.

          Professional Qualification Program

          A 12-month, full-time program to prepare foreign-trained teachers to work in Canada.

          Programmes en français

          A program to qualify French teachers for B.C. elementary and secondary schools.

          Degree completion, online courses and more

          Community Economic Development

          This interdisciplinary certificate helps local leaders develop community strategies that create strong sustainable economies.

          Publishing workshops

          Build skills to flourish in the fast-changing worlds of publishing, digital media and information technology.

          SFU NOW

          Work 30 hours a week or more? Complete your bachelor of arts with SFU Nights or Weekends courses.

          Online courses

          Study when and where it suits you through the Centre for Online and Distance Education.

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