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          Community learning

          At SFU, some of the best learning takes place outside the classroom—even if you're not a registered student!

          Volunteer SFU

          As a student volunteer, you'll build your network and develop career skills and connections.

          Philosophers’ Café

          Join scholars, seniors, students, and others for stimulating dialogue in informal settings around Metro Vancouver.

          CityStudio - Vancouver

          This partnership between the City of Vancouver and six post-secondary institutions helps advance real-world sustainability initiatives.

          Café Scientifique

          Interested in health and popular science? Join like minds for informal meet-ups in local pubs and coffee shops.

          SFU Public Square

          Join the conversation on issues of public concern at the annual Community Summit and other events.

          President’s Faculty Lecture Series

          Talks are free and cover "big ideas" in a range of fields and disciplines.

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